Roof Replacement

Roof Replacements

Replacing your old roof will increase the value of your property and add to the appeal of your street. Our experienced specialists have replaced countless roofs throughout Melbourne, and although roof replacement sounds like a lengthy process, we ensure the project runs smoothly and your household is running with minimal disruption throughout the process.

When is the right time to consider a roof replacement?

  • When your roof is looking tired and old
  • If you want a complete restyle of your home
  • Damage to the roof has exceeded the point of restoration
  • If you're making extensions to an existing home

Advantages of replacing your roof

  • Modernise and increase street appeal
  • Add value to your home
  • Provide improved security
  • Eliminate roof leaks
  • Minimise maintenance required
  • Heavily reduce the stress of roof weight on your home
  • Protect the investment you’ve made to your home

Our speciality transformations

We are able to transform any of the following materials into a brand new Colorbond® or Zincalume roof:

  • Old galvanised tin
  • Tin tile (Decramastic)
  • Concrete and terracotta tile

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